I'm Justin Sofia.

Developer and Advisor

Hey There! I'm Justin.

I'm 23, UT Austin ’15 grad currently in Austin, TX. Grew up in Decatur, Illinois and Chicago. Highly motivated entrepreneurial developer and startup advisor with growing client portfolio.

I'm a web developer with proficiency across the full stack, and deploying robust, scalable, forward-looking web apps is my bread and butter.

I'm also an active startup advisor in the Austin community, having spent time on the venture team at Capital Factory, Austin's largest startup accelerator and early stage venture fund. I currently formally advise one startup, and informally advise a handful of others.

What I'm interested in: Challenging development opportunities, and meeting interesting early-stage startups looking to hit the ground running in the Austin technology market.

Contact Details

  • Justin David Sofia
  • Austin, TX
  • (see resume for phone #)
  • justin.sofia@bba12.mccombs.utexas.edu

My Latest Work

I’m currently building out my portfolio. For now, this website serves as an example of what I can build for you. Check back for future cool projects!

What I Do

I love what I do, and I take great pride in it.

1. Development

I have development experience across the full stack. On the back end, I've built REST APIs and Django web apps, managed both SQL and NoSQL database engines, and deployed scalable infrastructure using Amazon Web Services. On the front end, I've built websites from templates, built a web client admin panel in Backbone.js, and even integrated with WordPress.

2. Marketing

You want your business to grow and grow fast. One of my largest interests is growth hacking and marketing. Whether it’s a landing page designed for launch leads, a web app that tracks and studies user behavior to help you understand the needs of your audience, or advice on how to create a high-growth marketing campaign, I’ve got you covered.

3. Strategy

You have a business idea. You might even have a minimum product already on the market. But you’re not sure if you’re doing things right, and you want to make sure that you outcompete everyone else. From product design and marketing to positioning and customer acquisition strategy, I can help your early stage business be the best that it can be.

4. Startup Advising- Austin

You’re not from Austin and are looking to move your startup here (side note: Great choice). You want to come here with your best foot forward. I can help you get acquainted with the scene in a way that only someone who knows the area can do. If you’re looking to get into local incubators, get introduced to the relevant people, and get familiar with the resources you need to be successful, I can help.

5. Startup Advising- Financing

You need an angel or early-stage VC investment from someone who understands your vision. A bad investor can make or break your business. I can help you devise a strategy for interacting with angels and VCs that will help get you funded by someone who can contribute to your mission, and whom your whole team is compatible with.

6. Web Design

My websites are tailored to your needs and are fully responsive, meaning they display well on devices of all sizes. Bootstrap is the framework I use the most, and I have a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and various plugins and frameworks that can make your site even better. Currently I’m teaching myself how to use frameworks like AngularJS, EmberJS, and BackboneJS.

My Resume

With hard work, failure need not be feared. I'm a person who understands that to be successful at anything, you've got to take some risks.

My Education

2012 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree - The University of Texas at Austin

Finance BBA, CS minor. President of Texas Enactus (formerly SIFE – Students In Free Enterprise), an organization dedicated to the furthering of social entrepreneurship. Corporate Relations Committee at McCombs Diversity Council.

2011 - 2012

Freshman Year - The University of Texas at Arlington

Finance BBA. President of Business Constituency Council, the student government of the College of Business. Co-Chair of Freshman Leaders on Campus (FLOC). Honors College inductee.

Work Experience

2014 - 2015

Capital Factory

Austin’s Biggest Startup Incubator, Coworking Space, and Community Organization for Austin Tech

Procure investors, mentors, and startups for the incubator program. Review startup applications to incubator program. Interview companies with strong potential for incubator program. Promote Capital Factory by attending and inviting influencers to events all over Austin.


G2X Energy, Inc.

Energy Startup – Converting Natural Gas to Gasoline via propietary Methanol Conversion methods

Compile financial models for company valuation. Create informational memo explaining G2X Energy project to investors. Track potential vendors and contractors for plant development. Lead environmental impact assessment.


The Sutton Company

Austin, TX Real Estate Developer

Compile financial models for valuation of Waller Creek Place mega real estate development. Perform market analysis of competing developments.


Steak n' Shake

My first job. Made milkshakes, burgers, sandwiches, and operated the drive-thru.


"Justin's work with Enactus at the University of Texas has greatly improved the organization as a whole. He has pushed his team members to focus on the details of their project during planning to ensure that the project has the greatest chance of success during the execution of their projects.

His team members respect him greatly due to the effort he puts forth, and the time he takes to get to know his teammates. Because of this UT Enactus has had the most team member engagement in recent years."

Matt Mintz
Regional Programs Manager, Southwest Region, Enactus

"More has been accomplished [in Enactus] and people are truly involved in a way that can only be attributed to his leadership. I'm pleased to work alongside Justin."

Dennis Passovoy
Lecturer in Organizational Behavior, Enactus Advisor, The University of Texas at Austin

"Justin is fast, efficient and proactive. He is a great resource for honest and well-informed insight. He approaches tasks with purpose and always finds the best answer. He has heavy leadership experience and excels in delegation. On a personal note, I find Justin's ability to adapt to and focus on varying disciplines and subjects both impressive and enviable."

Major Ellis
Venture Intern, Capital Factory

The Process is simple.

1. Idea
2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

Contact Me

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